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Latihan Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII

Latihan Soal PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII
1. Jack : Hello!
    Simon : Hi, how are you ___ ?
    Jack : Pretty good.

A. answering
B. buying
C. crying
D. doing

2. Mira : Hi, how are you?
    Jane : Fine, ___ .

A. think
B. thinks
C. thanks
D. than

3. Catherine : Good morning.
    Swan        : Morning. ___
    Catherine : Not much.

A. What's new?
B. What is the news?
C. What's it?
D. What's in it?

4. Mother : Santi, let’s prepare for lunch. Help me set the table. Look, the is dirty, could you clean it?
    Santi     : … it’s time to have lunch. Anything else, Mom?
    Mother : No,that’s all.

A. Sorry, Mom, I can’t
B. I can’t decide
C. I am not sure
D. By all means

Number 5 to 7 refer to the following dialogue.
Richard :   is your name?
Field : Petra Field.
Richard :   is your address?
Field : 1904 Broadway, San Francisco.
Richard : Okay.  is your birthday?
Field : March 19th, 1980

5. A. What
    B. Where
    C. Who
    D. Which

6. A. Where
    B. What
    C. When
    D. Whom

7. A. Who
    B. Where
    C. When
    D. Which

8. Mr. Budi : Goodbye, Mr. Bilal. See you tomorrow.
    Mr. Bilal : Bye, Mr. Budi. ___ .

A. Hi
B. How are you?
C. Nice to meet you
D. See you tomorrow

9. Teacher : That's all for now. See you again next week.
    Students :  ___ .

A. Good night.
B. See us, sir.
C. We meet you, sir.
D. See you, sir.

10. Bondan : Your name is Aska. Is that it?
      Aska : It's Aksa.
      Bondan : Nice name
      Aska : ___ .

A. Thank you
B. I don't think so
C. You're welcome
D. Don't mention it

Read the text and answer question 11
Keep Clean the Classroom
11. The sentence above means… in the classroom.

A. Don’t make any noise.
B. Don’t throw rubbish anywhere.
C. Put the books on the bookshelf.
D. Put the rubbish on the floor.
12. Look at the traffic sign below!

It means ___ .

A. The road is winding
B. The road is slippery
C. The road is up and down
D. The car cannot enter this street

13. Teacher : Ayu, you ____ cheat during the test.
      Ayu : Yes, sir. I’m sorry.

A. must
B. mustn’t
C. may not
D. shouldn’t

14. Mr. Janu : Oh, my goodness! What a noisy class! Bob ____.
      Bob: All right sir .

A. Please ask them to keep silent
B. Go and ask them to speak up, please
C. Tell them to talk much more loudly
D. Please be quiet outside the classroom

15. Mother : Mira,… please. It’s very dark here in the kitchen. I cannot see anything.
      Mira      :     Yes, Mom.

A. Sweep the floor
B. Clean the dishes
C. Turn on the light
D. Take me my spectacles

16. Frans    : Excuse me, would you show me the  way to Karya Husada Hospital?
      Latief : ____.

A. Give my best regard
B. Yes, I do
C. I’m sorry, sir
D. Go straight ahead

17. 1. Fine. Yes, these fit perfectly. OK, I’ll take these.
      2. All right. I will prepare the note.
      3. No, I’m sorry. But, why don’t you try these?
      4. Excuse me, do you have these shoes in a larger size?

The suitable arrangement of this dialogue  is ____.

A. 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
B. 4 – 1 – 3 – 2
C. 4 – 3 – 1 – 2
D. 4 – 2 – 3 – 1

18. Every morning, I get up at five o’clock and have _____ then.

A. breakfast
B. lunch
C. dinner
D. barbeque

19. Hermansyah is a philatelist. His daily activity is ____.

A. teaching students
B. reading news scripts
C. collecting stamps
D. delivering the letters

20. Ari : You are sitting on my desk.
      Budi : Oh, _____.

A. that’s good
B. what’s your name
C. thanks a lot
D. I’m very sorry

21. Shopkeeper : Is ____ anything else?
      Mrs. Hani    : No, thank you.

A. their
B. there
C. that
D. this

22. You (1)-not (2)-in (3)-thank (4)-for (5)-area (6)-smoking (7)-this (8)
The best arrangement to make a sentence is …
A. 5-1-2-7-3-8-6-4
B. 5-2-1-7-3-8-6-4
C. 4-1-5-2-7-3-8-6
D. 4-5-1-2-7-8-6-3

23. Arrange the following words into a good sentence.
Trunk (1)- has (2)- and (3) – long (4)– ears (5)- elephant (6)- an (7)– big (8)- a (9)
A. 6-2-9-81-3-7-4-5
B. 7-6-2-9-41-3-8-5
C. 7-6-9-1-2-4-8-3-5
D. 9-6-2-7-4-1-3-8-5

24. Arrange these jumbled sentences into correct order!
1. Samarida is the capital city of East Kalimantan
2. People like to relax and enjoy the sunset in the places.
3. It is located at the edge of the river Mahakam.
4. But now, the government has changed the area along the river into a city garden and recreational places.
5. People call it as River City.
6. There are so many houses along the bank of the river.

The correct arrangement of the sentences above to be a coherent paragraph is …

A. 1-2-3-4-5-6
B. 1-3-5-6-4-2
C. 1-4-5-6-3-2
D. 1-5-6-3-4-2

25. Arrange these jumbled sentences into correct order!
1. An interesting program makes us keep watching it.
2. They are music, film, sports, news, and many others.
3. we can choose as we wish
4. There are a lot of TV programs we can enjoy.
The best arrangement of the above sentences to make a paragraph is …

A. 4-3-2-1
B. 4-2-3-1
C. 1-2-3-4
D. 1-2-4-3

26. It looks like a horse. It has four legs. Its hair is black and white stripe color.
The description above is about ____.

A. cow
B. deer
C. dog
D. zebra

Text for questions number 27 to 31.
My Favorite Animal

  I have a favorite animal. It is a monkey. We call it “ Si Otong”. You know, Si Otong has a large head and big eyes. It is very hairy too. I feed it with fruits. Si Otong gives birth a baby. It looks after its young very well. My friends always say that Si Otong looks clumsy because of the way it walks. I don’t totally argue with them, because I think it gentle animal.

27. What is the writer’s beloved pet?

A. a dog
B. an animal
C. a cat
D. a monkey

28. What is the type of text above?

A. report
B. recount
C. narrative
D. descriptive

29. How are Si Otong’s eyes? They are ___

A. large
B. big
C. fresh
D. black

30. I don’t totally argue with them.” The underlined word refers to ________

A. walks
B. the ways of the walks
C. the writer’s friends
D. gentle animals

31. “I feed it with fruits. The underlined word has the similar meaning with ____

A. give food
B. eat
C. provide
D. supply

Text for questions 32 to 34.

When you want to keep your money in  a bank, you could follow these steps. First, you find information about the credible bank. Second, you prepare your Identity Card. Third, you must go to the bank. Then, you see the Customer Service Officer (CSO). Sometimes there are more than two CSO in a bank. Fifth, you should tell her or him that you will open an account. She or he will give you a form that you must fill in. Next, fill in the form and give a copy of your Identity Card. After that, you have to wait for some minutes. She or he will type your data in a computer.
Eight, she will give you an account book and deposit slip. You must fill in the slip and a deposit slip. You must prepare the money. Write down the number of money in the slip. Next, you go to the teller, but if there are so many people in front of the teller, you must wait in queue. Then, you give the slip, the money, and your account book to the teller.
You must wait for some minutes. Finally, she or he will return your book and you can leave the bank.

32. What is the purpose of the text?

A. To tell readers how to open a bank account.
B. To guide readers how to keep their money.
C. To give readers steps to a bank.
D. To inform readers how to find information about a bank

33. What do readers have to prepare when they want to keep their money in a bank?

A. the credible bank
B. Identity card
C. an account
D. their data

34. How many steps are mentioned in the text when we want to have an account book?

A. eight
B. nine
C. ten
D. eleven

35. But if there are so many people in front of the teller, you must wait in queue.
The underlined word means ... .

A. particular position in place
B. tall upright post of stone
C. people in general.
D. line of people

36. Finally, she or he will return your book.
The underlined words refer to ___ .

A. the teller
B. your book
C. the bank
D. queue

Text for number 37 to 40

How to make Corn and Pumpkin Soup

Ingredients :

  • 1 kg butternut pumpkin-peeled
  • 2 onions peeled and diced
  • 440 grams of creamed corn
  • 3½ cups of chicken stock
  • 3 teaspoons tomato sauce
  • ½ cup of cream (optional)

Directions :
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste
  • Combine pumpkin, onions, butter, chicken stock, corn and tomato sauce in a large sauce pan.
  • Cook with small fire until pumpkin is soft.
  • Mix in a blender
  • Add cream to have strong taste
  • To with sprinkle of chives
37. What kind of the text is it?

A. description
B. procedure
C. narrative
D. functional text

38. Where should we put to make the soup frozen?

A. in a sauce pan
B. in a can
C. in a freezer
D. in a heater

39. How many steps are to make this soup?

A. four
B. five
C. seven
D. six

40. How much tomato sauce do we need to make the soup?

A. 1 kilogram
B. 3 ½ cups
C. 44 gram
D. 3 teaspoons
Semoga bermanfaat.


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